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5 Winning Tips for Neophyte Flag Football Quarterbacks

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Played quarterback but have bare minimum knowledge of flag football? Maybe flag football has always been your game, though not exactly as a quarterback. Below are some essential flag football tips for newbie quarterbacks to help get you started on the right track:

Get a ball that’s designed for you.

That may sound simple, but in reality, that’s not always the case. You won’t need those big leather bricks used in tackle football, so get a kind that makes you absolutely comfortable. High school or college size, light or heavy, leather or composite and so on - choose whatever floats your boat.

Develop your own style and be your own QB.

Yes, there are tons of plays that you can learn. Try them all! Some will be nice and some won’t. In flag football, things can be quite different. You learn and master them all through trial and error. Allow your own style to develop and embrace it. But definitely, you need to stay open to general lessons that others may have to offer.

Keep in mind this isn’t tackle football.

This is highly critical.

You can’t be hit when you step into a pass or interrupt a timing route due to press coverage. If they do hit you, that’s clearly a penalty - and it must be, at least - and you’ll have a first down. Use that to your advantage in every way. Check to learn more.

Own your situational football.

Most probably, there’s still a coach giving you instructions until now. But do you know who your coach should be now? No one else but you. You are the field general. You call your own plays and execute them. Learn what you have to call in and when. A 3rd and 5 play is going to be miles apart from a 3rd and 15. What’s your second down play call after getting 5 yards on the first? You have to know both the time and score too. It will become easier later on but in the beginning, you need to make the effort as with all kinds of successes in this world. Check Hub Sports for more info.

Play as much as you can.

This may be self-explanatory. The more you play, the more chances you have of improving your game. As the old saying goes, practice makes perfect. Leagues and tournaments are happening almost everyday. No need to use up your savings or divorce your spouse but each time you can play, go for it. Just go online and take a look at the calendar to know the leagues and tournaments in your area. Visit for other references.